Presidents Park new playground

Construction to Begin on Playground at Presidents Park:

In the summer of 2021 The City of Edgewood embarked on a project to update the main playground at Presidents Park. The City wanted to create a new innovative playground that was inclusive to everyone. The City ordered the playground equipment in early August of 2021 with the expected delivery date of October 2021. We planned on finishing the playground upgrade by end of 2021, Unfortunately our schedule didn't work out. Materials needed to build the playground equipment have been delayed for almost a year now. The good news is the materials are in, the manufacturer is building the equipment and install is scheduled for mid-August. The bad news is, we will be closing the playground beginning the week of July 18, 2022 for approximately 4-6 weeks to accomplish this project.

To begin, The City of Edgewood's Public Works Department will start by taking out all current playground equipment, removing concrete, landscaping (unfortunately several trees because the new footprint of the playground will be bigger) and preparing the area for the new playground equipment to be installed. The new equipment is slated for install the second week of August. The Public Works Department will then prepare the surface for a new rubberized pad. We are keeping our fingers crossed that by the end of August we will have the playground back open for everyone to enjoy! Please understand we know this is not the best time of the year to begin a project but in today's world of Covid, supply chain issues and labor issues you have to start when you get the opportunity.

When we get the playground open we will have several additional steps for full completion of the project. The new playground will still need fencing installed (We have heard from many parents it would be nice to have fencing around the playground so we are going to enclose the playground to protect the children) and we will still need to install landscaping, including replanting several trees. The last step will be to install sidewalks and a patio pad. Our goal is to minimize how long the playground is not in use and have it open for kids to enjoy as fast as we can.

The inconvenience will be well worth it when this project is complete. On behalf of Mayor John D. Link, City Council and staff we want to thank you in advance of your patience and understanding.

The City of Edgewood

Mayor John D. Link

Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet


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