720 - Animal Shelter

City of East Providence FY2024 Budget Summary

Who We Are:

The East Providence Animal Shelter is a subdivision of the East Providence Police Department which is staffed with an animal control supervisor, officer and pound keeper, is devoted to every aspect of animal care -- including sanitation as well as veterinary treatment for sick and injured animals--in hopes to provide every stray and abandoned animal of the city with a suitable home.

The shelter holds up to 18 cats and up to 22 dogs. The facility also has quarantine areas for dogs and cats to protect the citizens and animals of the city from the spread of diseases such as the rabies virus.

What We Do:

East Providence Animal Control Center's mission is to provide temporary shelter and permanent homes for the stray and abandoned domestic animals within the city and to enforce state and local laws pertaining to public safety and animal welfare. Animal Control Officers work with state and local agencies to investigate cruelty complaints and to prosecute those in violation of local ordinances and state statutes pertaining to animals. With the help of the East Providence Police Department and the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA), the animal control officers seek to enhance the quality of life for the citizens and the animals of the city through public outreach and awareness.