125 - Office of the Mayor

City of East Providence FY2024 Budget Summary

Who We Are:

The Mayor's Office operates in a strong-mayor form of government. The office includes the mayor, a chief of staff, a director of project management and communications, an executive mayoral aide, and a constituent affairs coordinator.

What We Do:

The Office of the Mayor administers the functions of the city in accordance with federal and state laws, as well as the City Charter, ordinances, established policies and labor agreements. The office provides centralized direction and leadership for the effective administration and operations of all municipal services for the city of East Providence as directed by the City Council and serves as the focal point for the management of the city's staff and departments. The Office of the Mayor prepares and submits to the City Council a fiscally responsible operating budget and capital improvement plan for municipal services in adherence with the policy goals and objectives of the City Council, while employing such managerial techniques as needed to assure efficient and effective utilization of the city's resources.

The mayor is the chief executive and administrative officer of the city and shall be responsible for the administration and management of all offices, departments and agencies except as may otherwise be provided by the City Charter:

  • Appointing all department heads
  • Notifying the City Council of appointment
  • Preparing and submitting to the City Council an annual budget and annual report
  • Advising the City Council of financial condition and future needs of the city
  • Enforcing the laws and ordinances of the city
  • Recommending policies and programs necessary for enactment to the City Council
  • Negotiating contracts on behalf of the city subject to approval by the City Council
  • Declaring a municipal emergency