630 - Highway/Parks

City of East Providence FY2024 Budget Summary

Who We Are:

The Highway /Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance of 160 miles of City streets. The Parks Division is responsible for the planning, maintenance and improvement of approximately 320 acres. Both divisions report to the public works director.

What We Do (Highway):

The Highway Division is responsible for:

  • Snow and Ice removal operations (The city does not rely upon outside contractors for this service).
  • Street Sweeping
  • Storm Drain Maintenance including catch basin cleaning (3,000 catch basins and 1,300 manholes), and drain pipe cleaning (66 miles of drain pipe), and clearing brush and debris from over 4.5 miles of open drainage ditches.
  • Provides pothole patching and utility trench repairs on city streets.
  • Provides sidewalk improvements for locations damaged by city street trees.
  • Provides for new traffic signs and makes repairs to signs as needed.
  • Provides and maintains pavement markings for traffic control.
  • Maintains 158 city-owned and operated traffic signal devices.
  • Maintains the former landfill site and operates the compost facility where approximately 5,000 tons of leaf and waste are processed annually.

What We Do (Parks):

The Parks Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of 15 neighborhood parks and playgrounds, 20 baseball fields, five outdoor tennis courts, 17 outdoor basketball courts, senior center grounds and nine youth soccer and football fields. In addition, the Parks Division oversees and cares for public trees and grounds including traffic islands and public buildings.