Public Works Department – Engineering Division

Project #0215

Stormwater Master Plan Phase 3

This projects is not location specific

Project Information/Description

This project involves contracting with a consulting team to update the City’s long-term goals in managing storm water run-off and water quality before it is discharged to the Animas River. The last time the Storm Drain Master Plan was updated was 1982. This project was divided into three phases. Phase I was an update to the Stormwater Design Criteria which was completed in 2018. Phase II was an update to the basin and sub-basin hydrology in and around the City limits which was completed in early 2020. Phase III is to look at current infrastructure, known drainage issues, and develop a priority list. Phase III, the current request, will also include researching alternative funding mechanisms for the proposed storm drain improvement projects.

The proposed 2023 budget is for any Change Orders and/or add-alternatives to complete with remaining budget.

Project Details

Phase 3 will take the Standards developed in Phase 1, apply them to the basin hydrology model developed in Phase 2, and identify inadequate infrastructure that could become a CIP project. This Phase will also identify priorities of those CIP projects defined and potential funding sources or options.

These CIP projects with improve aging infrastructure and is anticipated to resolve several known drainage issues.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: December 2023

Funding Strategy