Transportation – Multimodal Division

Project #0249

MidTown Safety and Connectivity Improvement Design

13th St, 14th St, 15th St and E 2nd Ave

Project Information/Description

Design of roadway improvements to create safer and more accessible connectivity for bicycles and pedestrians in MidTown. Midtown is an unsafe and difficult to navigate connection point for pedestrians and cyclists coming off the Animas River Trail and the Florida Rd shared-use path going into downtown. This project will advance community accessibility and walkability by complying with ADA accessibility standards in the midtown area. These improvements will also promote environmental and social sustainability by promoting more people to travel downtown by transportation modes other than single-occupancy vehicles. Additionally, these improvements align with an enhanced livability and sense of place by improving the pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure in a portion of the MidTown Redevelopment Area.

Project Details

This project will design safe and accessible connections for bicyclists and pedestrians into downtown from north Durango. The project will redesign 15th St, E 3rd Ave and Florida intersection, install bike facilities on 13th, 14th, and 15th streets, improve sidewalks and curb ramps to ADA accessibility standards, create a school crossing at 13th St and E 2nd Ave, improve the transit stop on 14th St, and evaluate a two-way cycle track on E 2nd Ave. This is a carry forward project from 2022. The design process for this project began in July 2021 and is expected to be completed in May 2023.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: May 2023

Funding Strategy