Streets- Snow & Ice, Sweeping

Strategic Plan Goal: Environmental Sustainability and Resilience

Customer Service Strategy:

The Street Maintenance Division provides maintenance and repair of 78 center lane miles of streets within the City of Durango. Providing safe efficient travel infrastructure for all user groups within the City of Durango rights of way.

Core Functions:

  • Street maintenance
  • Asphalt patching, concrete repair and replacement
  • Alley maintenance
  • Sign maintenance and installation
  • Street centerline painting
  • Curb and parking stall painting in the central business district
  • Graffiti removal
  • School crossing/ light maintenance
  • 24-hour snow removal
  • Maintain 78 center lane miles of roads and all alleys citywide

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $1,154,822

FY 2023 General Fund: $379,822

Total FTE's: 5.60

Performance Results:

Municipal Solid Waste, per capita amount sent to landfill and diversion rates Reducing landfill waste and increasing diversion reduces emissions and pollution and reducing unnecessary material consumption in general decreases the number of resources used to produce materials in the first place. Reuse of materials is encouraged in City Operations. This measurement focuses on tons diverted from landfill to recycle by City processes, tons per capita removed by City and tons of asphalt recycled for streets reuse.

Budget by Type:

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

3. Provide river protection through minimizing flooding, inappropriate materials and contaminants that reach the river. (Las Animas and tributaries)

3.3.1 Reduce sediment entering the river through effective street sweeping program.

3.3.2 Reduce sediment entering the river through effective cleaning of stormwater management features.

4. Provide Solid Waste Disposal that is oriented toward Recycle and Reuse

4.1 Promote conservation and recycling of material resources through well-designed and well-managed city services.

4.1.2 Adopt goals for both Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated per capita and diversion rates.

4.1.5 Continue sustainable street sweeping program to remove unwanted materials from flowing into the storm system and polluting water resource.

4.1.6 Increase diversion from landfill to recycle by City processes.

4.1.7 Recycle asphalt for Streets Department reuse.

4.1.8 Storm drain and pipe cleaning to mitigate backups and flooding.

4.1.10 Continue use of traction sand/salt and deicers in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion.

2022 Strategic Results:

  • Provided 596 hours of snow removal services
  • Swept 2,343 miles of streets

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

On-going sweeping

Service Enhancements:

Addition of Asphalt Recycle Machine in 2023, capable of recycling old asphalt to be used patching potholes and large defects in pavement.

Service Reductions:

Anticipation of a full crew in 2023 and are budgeting accordingly for labor and materials. Reductions in levels of service may continue into 2023 depending on the ability of the city to obtain and retain qualified workers


2023 Positions