Parks and Recreation

Project #0171

Park, Trail, & Rec Improvements-Park system upgrades

Various Locations

Project Information/Description

Re-appropriate $100,000 from 2022: Was scheduled for 2022 but pushed back due to staff shortages - Many of the park entry signs are showing significant wear and weathering.

Allocate $210,000 to replace aging water line from the Animas River to the Greenmount cemetery. Update as many sections of manual / antiquated irrigation system with automate irrigation system.

Project Detail

Locations: -Brookside Park, Dallabetta Park, Designated Off-Leash Area, Durango Community Recreation Center Amphitheater, Fanto Park, Fassbinder Park, Folsom Park, Hillcrest View Park, Iris Park, Jenkins Ranch Park, Mason Center Park, Needham Park, Pioneer Park, Rank Park, Riverfront Park, Riverview Sports Complex, Roosa Park, Rotary Park, Schneider Park, Schneider Skate Park, and Viles Park.

-Greenmount Cemetery

The benefit of this project is to update park entrance signage to attract and welcome park patrons. The benefit of improving water line and irrigation system at Greenmount will improve operational efficiencies and replace aging infrastructure.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: December 2023

Funding Strategy