Transportation – Multimodal Division

Project #0262

Downtown’s Next Step (Pedestrian Improvement) Design

Main Ave from 14th St to 5th St

Project Information/Description

Pedestrian improvements to Main Avenue from 14th to 5th Street. This project will advance community accessibility and walkability by complying with ADA accessibility standards on Main Ave. These improvements align with an enhanced livability and sense of place by improving the experience of downtown for community members and visitors.

Project Details

This project designs traffic calming treatments and pedestrian improvements on Main Avenue to make it safer and more accessible for pedestrians in downtown. This project will improve sidewalks and curb ramps to ADA accessibility standards, expand sidewalks, create curb extensions at intersections, improve transit stops, add traffic calming treatments, and create festival blocks on Main Ave from 14th St to 5th St. This is a carryforward from 2022. The design is anticipated to be complete in December of 2023.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: December 2023

Funding Strategy