Library Services

Strategic Plan Goal: Enhanced Livability & Sense of Place

Customer Service Strategy:

The Durango Public Library enriches the community by providing an environment where information abounds, ideas flow, and imagination thrives. Our mission statement ties into the Enhanced Livability and Sense of Place strategic initiative. We collaborate with regional partners when offering programs, and services to improve the quality of life for our community. The library support’s the city’s customer services strategy by offering the best customer services experience to our patrons and working with them to get to yes.

Core Functions:

  • Selecting and making available both physical and electronic materials for checkout
  • Providing access to databases for research, learning and leisure
  • Executing programs for people of all ages, both in-person and virtually
  • Supplying hard-wired computers for the public, which include various software programs and internet access
  • Offering wireless internet access
  • Renting community rooms to the general public

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $3,002,060

FY 2023 General Fund: $0

Total FTE's: 21

Performance Results:

Library Total Circulation Identifies The use of the Durango Public Library in comparison to circulation totals of libraries across Colorado with similar population densities.

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

2. Improve operational and financial viability of amenities including Durango Public Library, Parks and Recreation and work of Creative Economy Commission

2.1.6 Explore and analyze library funding to expand hours and staffing.

2.1.7 Explore and analyze funding options for long-term maintenance of parks and recreation facilities and development of new facilities.

2.1.8 Research and explore, with the library advisory board, the viability of a Durango Public Library District.

2022 Strategic Results:

Library Services contracted with a consulting firm, Public Advisory Group, to perform a financial analysis of the library’s needs when it comes to funding a budget to either continue as a department of the city or become a library district.

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

  • Analyze the need to either extend our open hours or services
  • Conduct ongoing research other ideas for expanding services and partnerships in our community
  • Collaborate with the Public Advisory Group and continue to dispense a poll the community on their support of a mill-levy to fund a library district
  • Continue monitoring current paper shortage to determine how it may effect our costs with Ingram and other book vendors

Service Enhancements:

4 part time positions (Material Handlers, Circulation Clerk) and 2 FTE's ( 2 Library Associates, Adult Services)

Service Reductions:

  • New HVAC system moved from the 2023 budget to the 2022 budget.
  • Contracted with Public Advisory Group to perform a financial analysis, completed in 2022

2022 Positions:

2023 Positions