Public Works – Streets Division

Project #0308

Open-Graded Friction Course Overlay


Project Information/Description

Contract to provide and install a thin layer of asphaltic material mixed with fine aggregate to seal existing pavement, provide water shedding from roadway and extend the pavement life between reconstructions.

Project Details

Estimated at $19.37 per SY; Total Estimated = ~$865,000 = $928 w 115%


Wilson Gulch from Three Sp Blvd to Confluence Ave (~1500lf)

3rd St from E 3rd Ave to 8th Ave (~2000lf)

4th Ave from College Dr. to 1st St. (~2750lf)

Wilson Gulch from Three Springs Blvd to East Owen Rd. (~1300lf)

Prioritization Criteria

Project by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: December 2023

Funding Strategy