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Project #0271

Lake Nighthorse Road Improvements and Trail Design – FLAP Grant

Lake Nighthorse access road and swim beach parking area

Project Information/Description

In July of 2019, the City was awarded and entered into Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant agreement. The grant and project scope has three distinct elements

1. Improve and enhance the stability of the LNH Access Road from the entrance station to the terminus of the Boat Ramp.

2. Improve with asphalt and striping the parking lot near / next to the swim beach

3. Design and construct a detached crusher fine path from the entrance station to the swim beach. This will go to 30% design to determine feasibility.

The overall project cost is $5,200,000 and includes design and construction of the project elements. The city is responsible for a cash match of $1,250,000 of which $10,000 was provided in September 2019. $130,000 is due in 2023 for design and the remaining $1,110,000 is due in 2025 for construction.

The existing road was constructed in order to build the dam, then chip sealed to minimize dust and “washboard” degradation of the gravel surface. This project will bring the condition of the road up to a standard to handle the volume of recreational and maintenance traffic this road sustains. Similarly, the existing gravel swim beach parking lot will be resurfaced for durability and maintenance purposes, and striped to maximize parking. The soft-surface trail will provide safe connectivity from the entrance station to the swim beach for visitors to enjoy the eastern shoreline and enable walk/bike-in access for visitors who wish not to drive a vehicle to the lake. This will contribute to parking limitations during peak hours.

The 2023 CIP request is for the design services / grant cash match or $130,000.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: Design completed in 2023; Construction in 2026

Funding Strategy