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Project #0167

Recreation Center Improvements

Durango Community Recreation Center

Project Information/Description

Replacement of part of the roof at the Durango Recreation Center was scheduled to take place. However, it was post-poned and replacement of the Diamond Brite plaster system in the lap lanes took precedence as the plaster was chipping away and bubbling up off the cement shell. As such the roof replacement for $210,000 is re-scheduled to 2023.

The Recreation Center roof is the original roof and is damaged and leaks in multiple locations. The roof is currently patched on a regular basis to repair leaks. Due to more structural issues with the roof and the possibility of the implementation of the Sustainability Action Plan, which includes solar panels, it is important a portion of the roof is replaced during the installation of the solar panels. If the Sustainability Action Plan does not proceed, the roof is still in need of replacement and is over its 20-year expected lifespan. The roof replacement will be completed in phases, replacing all five sections of the rubber roof, over the next three to five years. Cost: $160,000 for the roof replacement over the leisure pool which is currently in the worst condition and is the location of the solar panels. Total project costs over 3 – 5 years is estimated at $589,000.

Project Details

Benefit of Project:

1. Keep facility infrastructure in good working order

2. Prevent additional facility damage. Roof leaks can cause more serious damage to structure of the building as well as areas of the facility such as gym floors, facility equipment and other flooring.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: September 2023

Funding Strategy