FY 2023 - 2027 Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Infrastructure is vital for our community to thrive. This budget supports our infrastructure by:

  • Protecting and improving the historical investments City of Durango has made in its infrastructure.
  • Promoting wise investment in new infrastructure

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Each year, City of Durango staff will create a long-range capital improvement plan (CIP). The CIP included for budget consideration will define and prioritize the capital projects that City of Durango plans to take on in the next five years. Project appropriation will be for the current budget year (1 year), and the 5 year CIP will demonstrate the current priorities and intentions for the 5 year period. Years 2-5 are for illustrative/planning purposes. It is understood that circumstances and priorities may change.

  • Definition of a capital project. Capital Improvement Project - A permanent addition to the city’s assets of major importance and cost. As defined by the City of Durango, a capital improvement project is an investment of public/and or private funds totaling $50,000 or more for a project with a three or more year useful life. Examples of capital projects include the construction of a new structure, the reconstruction of an existing structure, or the renovation of a structure that extends its useful life. The costs of planning, design and engineering, land acquisition, construction, renovation, demolition, equipment and studies are all considered when calculating capital expenditures. Additionally, ongoing operating and maintenance costs will be considered during project evaluation and prioritization, and included in annual capital improvements program. [This will demonstrate TOTAL project cost].
  • Link to needs assessments. All projects in the CIP, with minor and few exceptions, should be based on needs assessments performed by City Staff to determine the benefit of the asset compared to its cost. See Needs Assessment Attachment A.

CIP Project Identification

Each year during the annual budget cycle, after Council Priorities are established, City of Durango staff with recommendations from Boards and Commissions and public input will recommend projects for the CIP. At a minimum, identified projects include the following information:

  • A summary of the project scope
  • Long-term operating and maintenance costs. A plan will identify the cost to operate and maintain the asset over its life cycle.
  • Funding source. Project proposals will describe where the funding is expected to come from to acquire, operate, and maintain the asset.
  • Project timing. Project proposals will identify the proposed schedule for planning, bidding, construction, and other milestones in acquiring the asset.
  • How the CIP Projects supports City Council goals and objectives and Strategic Plan
The chart below shows ongoing operating and maintenance costs included in the annual capital improvements program. [This demonstrates the TOTAL project costs].