Project #6065

Wastewater System Effluent Treatment Upgrades

Durango-La Plata County Airport

Project Information/Description

Recent wastewater effluent limits set by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have changed and the airport needs to assess and upgrade its treatment processes in order to meet the new limits. Several upgrades are needed to the airport’s wastewater system to improve ammonia levels. The airport is able to treat ammonia levels during the warmer summer months but faces challenges with the colder temperatures normally found during the winter months. This project includes the design and engineering of wastewater system upgrades, coordination of state approvals, and construction of system upgrades.

Project Details

This project is in alignment with the Strategic Plan objective of Ensuring an Effective Infrastructure Network. Specifically, the project addresses the aviation strategy to operate and maintain airport facilities in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner to support all forms of aviation services.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: October 2023

Funding Strategy