Strategic Plan Goal: Effective Infrastructure Network

Customer Service Strategy:

Provide an effective infrastructure network for drinking water production and supply to rate payers. We join Systems and Operators and Customers to provide Service, Stewardship and Resilience.

Core Functions:

  • Provide customers with high-quality, safe drinking water in abundant and reliable quantities. Provide Raw Water for Irrigation.
  • Operate and maintain Water Distribution System including Storage Tanks, Pressure Reducing Valves, Water Mains, Valves, Service Lines, Meters, and Fire Hydrants to ensure effective water distribution infrastructure, and reliable water service.
  • Maintain compliance with CDPHE monitoring requirements, regulations and water quality parameter
  • Identify and eliminate unprotected cross connections between treated and untreated water to prevent backflows.

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $13,255,265

FY 2023 General Fund: $0

Total FTE's: 17.80

Performance Results:

Community Water Use per Capita This metric tracks water use (gallons) per capita, split by commercial and residential use. It is calculated by taking the total water use divided by the number of days in the quarter and estimated population in the City of Durango Utilities customers.

Wastewater Treatment Effectiveness Rate (%) The utility’s compliance with the effluent quality standards in effect for the Water Reclamation. The indicator is expressed as the percent of days each year that the facility is in full compliance with applicable effluent quality requirements.

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

2. Water Sanitation

2.1 Continue to offer potable water on-demand in an efficient and effective manner and in compliance with all regulatory guidance.

2.1.1 Provide a reliable, high-quality water supply as directed by the Water Master Plan.

2.1.2 Undertake a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Lake Nighthorse pipeline project.

2.1.3 Create new 5-year CIP plan to incorporate priorities from adopted Water Master Plan.

2.1.4 Initiate and complete a comprehensive rate analysis focused on meeting Council goals and supporting a strong enterprise fund in compliance with Finance guidelines.

2.2 Continue to return sewer, wastewater and stormwater to the Animas River and tributaries in compliance with CDPHE guidelines.

2.2.4 Improve aging wastewater pipes through rehabilitation or replacement, as warranted.

2022 Strategic Results:

  • By midyear, 739 million gallons of potable water delivered on-demand in an efficient and effective manner and in compliance with all regulatory guidance
  • Improved reliability of high-quality water supply and cold-weather resiliency through the development of an oxidative treatment process that the Water Plant
  • Conducted cost-benefit analysis of Lake Nighthorse pipeline project, presented to the Infrastructure Advisory Board and City Council for review
  • Developed five-year CIP plan, incorporating priorities from adopted Water Master Plan, has been generated.
  • Completed a water rate analysis with focus on Council goals to support a strong enterprise fund in compliance with financial guidelines
  • Replacement and rehabilitation of aging water pipes are being replaced through capital improvement projects

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

On-going programs through operations and assessing smaller system components such as valves and meters and is conducting prioritized replacements

Service Enhancements:

Completed procurement and installation of water-management software and associated data base.

Service Reductions:

Maintaining current service levels

2022 Positions:

2023 Positions