Capital Projects Division

Strategic Plan Goal: Effective Infrastructure Network

Customer Service Strategy:

We join Systems and Operators and Customers to provide Service, Stewardship and Resilience.

Core Functions:

  • Manage the scope, quality, schedule and cost on construction projects which cost in excess of $50,000 and will provide in excess of a 3-year depreciable life.
  • Lead City departments through pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases of projects.
  • Advise on effective scope of work, design documents and construction cost estimate.
  • Ensure effectiveness, quality and manage cost/scope of projects
  • See projejects through close-out by finalizing punch list work, and completing final acceptance documentation

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $468,561

FY 2023 General Fund: $468,561

Total FTE's: 9.60

Performance Results:

Capital Projects Completion Indicates process effectiveness with the % complete of projects designed and constructed for infrastructure and quality of life facilities attained. Measuring on-time completion and within budget at 100% excluding required change orders, changed conditions and quantity miscalculations

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

4. Asset Management of Infrastructure

4.1 Collate 5-year CIPs for all infrastructure departments.

4.2 Expand Infrastructure Management System. Determine the benefits, accommodations, and maintenance of the physical spaces analysis in an innovative operational

manner, that may result in remote or mobile options for City operations.

4.2.1 Expand use and update of Lucity in order to make relevant as-built project documents available to staff.

4.2.2 Research City-wide needs/uses for asset management.

4.2.6 Implement Construction Project Management system to comprehensively report Capital Improvement Project progress.

2022 Strategic Results:

  • Established operating procedures for professional and consistent construction project management within this newly created division.
  • Focused on communication and transparency by implementing regular reporting the status of capital projects to City Council and the public.
  • By midyear, 100% of projects brought to CIP moved into bidding within one month and 100% of projects that received bids moved into contracting and construction.
  • Developed a centralized storage resource to improve staff’s accessibility to project documents

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

  • Expand the division with an approved staffing plan to maintain appropriate workloads
  • Focus on professional development to advance knowledge in construction inspection and management
  • Lead departments and divisions through the development and revision tailored five-year project plans
  • Enhance contractor involvement in bidding and planning through collaboration with departments to complete one year-out project designs

Service Enhancements:

  • Due to technicality in the reporting system, percentage of costs allocated to the CIP Division for personnel will potentially be increased when charging personnel to projects.

Service Reductions:

Maintaining current service levels

2022 Positions:

2023 Positions