City Attorney

Strategic Plan Goal: Financial Excellence & High Performing Government

Customer Service Strategy:

We exist to provide high quality legal representation to the City Council, the City Manager and all City departments in an efficient and accessible manner to support and assist the Council and staff in advancing the goals and objectives of the City. 

Core Functions:

Provide legal services including:

  • General counsel
  • Provide legal opinions
  • Document preparation and review
  • Representation in litigation

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $540,424

FY 2023 General Fund: $540,424

Total FTE's: 2

Performance Results:

% of reviewed documents completed within 10 working days Demonstrates commitment to timely turnaround of legal documents.

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

  • Evaluate methods to efficiently respond to a rapidly increasing workload
  • Seek additional efficiencies via forms, templates, training for an delegation of non-legal decision making in areas such as leasing, easements, purchasing, etc
  • Continue to enhance communications with Council to provide information on projects and to seek input on Council priorities
  • Update the municipal code, policies and processes as needed

2022 Strategic Results:

Sought and obtained approval for an assistant city attorney and increased efficiencies.

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

  • Continue to deliver reports and communications to City Council
  • Returning Municipal Court prosecutors to pre-pandemic levels
  • Training new assistant city attorney and delegating duties.

Service Enhancements:

  • Prosecutors going back to pre-pandemic with municipal court being fully open $10K
  • Assistant City Attorney hire
  • Part Time Salaries $20K increase - Administrative position

Service Reductions:

Maintaining current service levels

2022 Positions:

2023 Positions: