Public Works Department – Engineering Division

Project #0243

Grandview Access Control Plan (ACP)

The project begins where Hwy 550 connects at Farmington Hill to Hwy160 east to Elmer’s Corner or CR172. It continues south on CR172, ending at CR302.

Project Information/Description

CDOT proposed to cost share the update of the Grandview Access Control Plan (ACP). The cost is split three ways between CDOT, the City of Durango and La Plata County. The ever-increasing travel demand on US 160, as well as the ongoing construction of the new Hwy 550/160 Interchange alignment make this a critical project for the near future. At the regional level, the US 160 corridor serves as the primary east/west transportation facility through Southwest Colorado and as a major route to tourist destinations. Locally, US 160 provides access to residences, businesses, and future development in the Grandview Area that provide a significant contribution to the local economy. As such, it is imperative that this corridor maintain its ability to move current and future volumes of transportation users safely and efficiently. The implementation of appropriate access management is a key element to maintaining US 160 as a safe and effective transportation route. This project is under contract with the Engineering firm SEH out of Denver and was due to start in April and be completed by the end of 2020, however, it has been delayed due to COVID-19 and started in January of 2021. It is anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. The proposed 2023 budget is for any add-alternatives to complete with remaining budget.

Project Details

The project will evaluate access to the highway along several miles of CDOT highway in the Grandview area. It includes access from Arterial, Collector, Local streets as well as individual access points to/from individual properties. Access Control Plans are important for providing safe access to the highway system as authorized in CRS 43-2-147.1.(a).

Prioritization Criteria

Project by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: December 2023

Funding Strategy