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Durango Mesa Park

Durango Mesa Park

Project Information/Description

Continued planning and initial Infrastructure phases of Durango Mesa Park (DMP) in partnership with the Durango Mesa Park Foundation. This is a three-year initial phase that started in 2022 to design and construct an approximately 800 acre bike park on Ewing Mesa. Project in 2022 began with the development of an MOU with DMP Foundation and continued with the development of a contract with the DMP Foundation to design and fund the construction of the bike park. Several key trail connections to the Horse Gulch Open Space Area were also completed by Durango Mesa Park. Work on annexing Durango Mesa Park into the City of Durango continues and design and development of road improvements and utility infrastructure to the park continues.

In 2023, completion of bike park design and the initial construction of the bike park is planned with completion set for Summer of 2024. Amount requested in 2023 for this project is $1,000,000.

Project Details

Overall goal of this project is to begin the development of Durango Mesa Park with the initial phase of a Bike Park.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: On-Going through 2023 and into 2024

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