Development Services

Strategic Plan Goal: Enhanced Livability & Sense of Place

Customer Service Strategy:

Development Services is a division within the Community Development Department. This Division supports the overall Department vision of “Making Durango a Safe, Thriving & Authentic Place for Many Generations to Come.” in alignment with the City-wide Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategies in the Strategic Plan.

Development Services staff ensure that the development review process achieves the goals of the community identified in the Comprehensive Plan and other planning documents. The Division ensures that development activities are permitted efficiently and effectively to protect and enhance the public health, safety and welfare. As well as to fulfill the City’s mission statement aspect of managed growth, which is directly related to Development Services Division through the thoughtful and intentional implementation of the City Land Use Development Code (LUDC) and Comprehensive Plan.

Core Functions:

  • Land Use Applications & Permits
  • Development Inquiries & Zoning Verification Letters
  • Joint Planning & Intergovernmental Relations
  • Commission/Board Staffing & Administration
  • Building Inspections & Code Administration
  • Land Use Code Enforcement

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $1,251,489

*This includes all of Development Services Division Budget.

FY 2023 General Fund: $1,251,489

Total FTE's: 10

Performance Results:

Public Realm and Streetscape Activation Ensure flexibility in use of public realm and streetscapes by creating infrastructure to safely support activation of public spaces.

Create Memorable Community Gathering Spaces Increase the number of unique and functional public spaces for the community to gather.

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

1.1.6 Implement effective code enforcement strategies to reduce nuisances, enhance visual appearance and improve overall health and safety by 10%.

3. Enhance Durango’s sense of place in ways that celebrate the community’s character, cultural heritage, outdoor roots, access to nature, and unique amenities

3.1 Create and enhance parks, public spaces, and streetscapes as safe, inviting, and memorable places for all users.

3.2 Through a robust and inclusive planning processes, create a framework of coordinated district plans that embrace the unique character of Durango and provides a vision for the future.

3.2.1 Continue to engage stakeholders on the feasibility of a performing arts and convention center.

3.2.2 Create enhanced arts and culture participation opportunities for all residents and visitors by utilizing the creative economy work plan.

3.2.3 Implement the 2017 Comprehensive Plan through development approval process.

3.2.4 Install new public art and ensure that the City’s public art collection is well-maintained.

3.3 Design and allocate resources to construct improvements to downtown Durango and other mixed-use districts throughout the City.

2022 Strategic Results:

Through June 15, 2022, the Department has received 102 Land Use Applications and received 144 building permit applications along with sign permits, fence permits, and many other land use permits. For context, in 2021 there were 293 land use applications and 499 building permit applications.

The Division played a key role in successfully facilitating the Downtown’s Next Steps public participation process towards the goal of improving downtown livability and sense of place.

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

  • Continue work with La Plata County, La Plata Economic Development Alliance, and La Posta Road property owners on desired future land uses, annexation discussions, and allocation of funding to being preliminary infrastructure design for water, sewer, and road improvements.
  • Guide the development processes at the Three Springs and Twin Buttes master planned developments.
  • Implement Code Amendments that are advanced and approved by the Code Alignment Working Group.

Service Enhancements:

Maintaining current service levels

Service Reductions:

Maintaining current service levels

2022 Positions:

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