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Project #8501

UCS Server Blade Refresh

Project Information/Description

Replacement of critical IT hardware going end of life in early 2024. This hardware enables the City of Durango to host virtual servers which provide necessary computing operations to our end users. This hardware is essential to provide a functioning, reliable, consistent platform for applications that are utilized by all city departments.

Project Details

This refresh will be replacing outdated hardware that the city has been using since 2015; the new hardware will also provide a major performance enhancement by improving server productivity. We will be replacing 14 of these servers with 6 new devices, reducing costs related to power consumption / cooling and reduced maintenance downtimes. In future budget cycles, we will also be reducing expenditures via server consolidation to reduce software and hardware licensing costs. This project will modernize servers at our Bodo and 911 Communication Center data centers.

Prioritization Criteria

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Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: June 2023

Funding Strategy