Public Works – Utilities- Water

Project #1109


College Mesa WTP

Project Information/Description

Phase 1 Design/State Approval: Engineered design and State acceptance of clearwell / auxiliary water tank, yard piping removals, relocations and installations, valve vault and entry point to distribution water quality monitoring structures and system controls.

Phase 2 Construction: Pipeline abandonments, relocations, and installations to clear ground and prepare for new 3MG clear-well / water tank at WTP. Pipelines include sanitary sewer to eliminate two lift stations and serve four process streams, relocation of secondary transmission main to Timberline pressure zone and WTP yard piping.

Phase 3 Construction: Installation of Control Valve Vault, Entry Point To Distribution WQ Monitoring 3MG/7MG Control Structure, 3 MG Clearwell / Water Tank, completion of Yard Piping

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion:

Phase 1: April 2023

Phase 2: March 2024

Phase 3: December 2024

Funding Strategy