Parks and Recreation

Project #0012

Natural Lands Preservation/Open Space Acquisition

Within or Adjacent to City Limits

Project Information/Description

Request to re-appropriate $800,000 from 2022 budget and for an additional $400,000 from 2023 budget to provide for open space land acquisitions. Planning to continue accruing funds in years 2023-2026 for future open space land acquisitions.

Project Details

The preservation of natural lands is supported by City Council goals and specifically: ELSP – Expand Durango’s unique identity as a driver of enhanced quality of life and sense of place; and ESR – Improve environmental resiliency and encourage responsible stewardship of natural resources. The goal of this project is to preserve additional open space lands for the future benefit of the community.

Prioritization Criteria

Natural Lands Preservation

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: Dependent on land acquisition opportunities.

Funding Strategy