Airport Administration

Strategic Plan Goal: Effective Infrastructure Network

Customer Service Strategy:

The DRO team proudly serves our users and community by operating airport facilities in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way with a focus on friendly service and local convenience. The Airport Administration division supports this mission through the development and execution of sound policy, strategy, and financial management. In addition, the Airport Administration team strives to provide excellent customer service to the traveling public as well as tenants of the airport while working to deliver projects within the airport’s budget to promote the safety, convenience, and sustainability of the airport for all user groups.

Core Functions:

  • Leadership and direction at the Durango-La Plata County Airport
  • Manages budget, personnel, and air service development
  • Airport Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) development and project management
  • Federal and state grant funding
  • Contract/lease management, marketing, media/public contact, and municipal coordination
  • FAA Part 139 certification compliance

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $1,228,409

FY 2023 General Fund: $1,228,409

Total FTE's: 3

Performance Results:

Operating Cost Per Enplaned Passenger The Durango-La Plata County Airport consistently outperforms comparable regional airports in sustaining lower operating costs per enplaned passenger while maintaining tenant and passenger satisfaction with airport facilities.

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

1. Aviation

1.1 Operate and maintain airport facilities in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner to support all forms of aviation services.

1.1.1 Wastewater treatment facility upgrades.

1.1.2 Acquire new Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle.

1.2 Work with the airlines and regional partners to maintain and expand the commercial air service route network in order to promote a competitive airline environment,

deliver high levels of service to the community, and maintain DRO’s status as the regional hub for aviation services.

1.2.1 Increase annual total passenger traffic (enplanements and deplanements).

1.2.2 Assess revenue generation/diversification opportunities to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability and competitive CPE positioning.

1.3 Implement Airport Master Plan.

1.3.1 Rehabilitate Runway 3/21.

1.3.2 Reconstruct Taxiway A between A2 and South GA Apron.

1.3.3 Complete design and begin construction of Phase 1A of terminal development.

1.3.4 Initiate design on Phase 1 of terminal landside rental car and public parking expansion.

2022 Strategic Results:

  • Completed the rehabilitation of Runway 3/21 while minimizing project duration and maximizing communication with stakeholders and the community
  • Completed design on Phase 1A of terminal development.
  • Completed a financial analysis for Phase 1B of terminal development
  • Managed airport finances to achieve a forecast operating margin for FY22 of at least 14%.

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

  • Initiate construction of Phase 1A of terminal expansion
  • Initiate design of Phase 1B of terminal expansion
  • Issue RFP for Engineering/Architectural on-call services
  • Issue RFP’s for in-terminal Advertising, Food & Beverage, and News & Gifts concessions
  • Initiate design of Phase 1 of landside parking/roadway development
  • Encourage maximum airline seat capacity within the market through air service development support and airport marketing initiatives
  • Manage airport finances to achieve an operating margin for FY23 of at least 14%.

Service Enhancements:

  • Pay for certification trial program and other professional development to promote employee development
  • Public parking lot hardware replacement funding to update aging equipment
  • Automated ground transportation activity tracking
  • Addition of redundant wireless services to provide 2nd layer protection against fiber optic network disruptions
  • Replacing terminal public Wi-Fi access points to upgrade to newer technologies

Service Reductions:

Reduction in passenger surveying efforts after two years of intense data collection during peak pandemic conditions


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