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Project #0146

The SMART 160 Trail Development - East

SMART 160 Trail from the Sale Barn Trailhead east to the CDOT underpasses

Project Information/Description

The section of the SMART 160 Trail from the Sale Barn Trailhead to the CDOT underpasses near Three Spring is currently being design and engineered by Otak Engineering. Design work on either end of the project area is progressing and should be 100% in 2022. The section in the middle is progressing as staff and the landowner are working on where / how the trail will cross a future road section.

The construction of this section of trail will likely require wildlife surveys and $10,000 is being requested for this purpose. Completion of those studies will likely be completed in the Fall of 2022 and design work is also estimated to be completed in the early Fall timeframe as well. This will provide for project construction to begin in the Fall or Winter 2022 consider all goes as planned. $1,000,000 was requested for construction to begin in late 2022 and an additional $3,200,000 for 2023 and $1,785,000 in 2024 if needed.

Project Details

Project goal is to complete the necessary environmental studies are complete prior to anticipated construction of the SMART 160 Trail Section East in late 2022. The overall project goal of SMART 160 Trail East is to complete connectivity of the Animas River Trail from north side of River Road and Highway 160 intersection to the completed trail on the south of Three Springs.

Prioritization Criteria

Project Budget by Fund

Project Timeline

Estimated Completion: Design work and surveys by 10/31/2022. Construction in 2023 and possibly extending to 2024.

Funding Strategy