This is the first year that the City of Durango uses a budgeting process called Budgeting for Outcomes, where the focus is on the programs and services provided to the community, rather than the traditional approach of budgeting by department. By focusing on achieving these Outcomes, this twist on budgeting gives results that are more meaningful to residents and businesses. Budget requests (which are also called ‘Offers’) for programs and services are created by City staff and must align with the following Outcomes:
Citywide expenses are shown in this link. These costs are necessary to provide the programs and services funded in the budget. This includes the General Fund is the bucket of money with the least restrictions on how it can be used. An example of such a restriction is the Water Fund where revenues can only be spent on Water related expenses. The City has the most choices in how to budget General Fund money. For 2023, the cost to provide City programs, services and operations is shown in the following pie chart.
The City of Durango budget is based on the goals provided to the community outlined in the Strategic Plan, rather than the traditional organizational or departmental approaches. This link has been created to provide that traditional display.