Housing Innovation

Strategic Plan Goal: Affordability & Economic Opportunity

Customer Service Strategy:

The Housing Division is responsible for creating, implementing, and administering community housing initiatives towards the goal of maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Durango through the creation and support of housing development. The Division works collaboratively with established community partners and seek out new partnership opportunities on a local, state, and federal level.

This is a Division within Community Development Department that supports the overall Department vision of “Making Durango a Safe, Thriving & Authentic Place for Many Generations to Come” in alignment with the City-wide Vision, Mission, Vales, and Strategies in the Strategic Plan.

Core Functions:

  • Direct, plan and coordinate the City of Durango’s Housing Program.
  • Serve as the face of residential housing for the City of Durango and stimulate its growth as a sustainable, equitable community.
  • Evaluate and execute workforce and affordable housing strategies for implementation.
  • Implement the Housing Program annual work plan
  • Seeks input from a diverse group of community, internal, and regional stakeholders to create housing policies and initiatives

Budget by Strategic Plan Goal

FY 2023 Total Budget: $1,364,924

FY 2023 General Fund: $0

Total FTE's: 3

Performance Results:

Affordable and Workforce Housing Inventory Affordable and workforce housing units are important component to the sustainability and local housing landscape of our community. Through policy and funding, the City would like to maintain and increase the number of units available to consumers needing this type of housing. Affordable housing in Durango typically targets at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI). Workforce housing typically targets households qualifying between 80%-120% AMI.

Housing Opportunity Index (HOI) The Housing Opportunity Index is defined as the share of homes sold in an area that would have been affordable to a family earning the local area median income (AMI). This can be compared to other peer communities, and we can track trends and progress in Durango against other cities in the region.

Units constructed and occupied by type and price category. Value shown is residential and multi-family only based on CO's issued

Percent of building inspections completed within one working day of request Value shown is the total # of inspections per quarter. Response rate is 95% within one day of request.

Budget by Type:

Source of Funds:

Strategic Operating Actions:

1.1 Identify and commit resources and revenue towards implementing a long-term plan that encourages housing opportunities for mixed-income demographics with an emphasis on workforce housing.

1.1.1 Ensure there is adequate city staff to focus on ways to increase affordable and workforce housing inventory through a variety of mechanisms that include land and or infrastructure acquisition (or bank), changes to code, and public-private incentives.

1.1.2 Explore funding opportunities for the Regional Housing Alliance and other city housing programs.

1.1.3 Undertake Fair Share Program review and identify program improvements for implementation.

1.1.4 Participate in evaluation of affordable and attainable housing, housing social services, and shelter sales tax ballot initiative for future election.

1.2 Support the production of a variety of housing types through incentives, partnerships, efficient review processes, and other mechanisms with a particular emphasis on middle-income housing.

1.2.1 Establish Policies to allow use of Housing Funds to Facilitate Unit Construction.

1.2.2 Ensure Land Use and Development Code Alignment Project promotes development of affordable housing by reviewing standards for density, multiple dwelling units,

mixed-use definitions, street, and access design, ADUs and conversion of motels to long-term residential rental units.

1.2.3 Assess potential for housing development on city-owned properties.

1.2.4 Explore the possibility of combining the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustments and making other adjustments to Board/Commission procedures to simplify processes.

2.1 Build partnerships and commit resources to help advance key development projects such as La Posta, Durango Mesa, and Three Springs.

2.1.2 Continue working with property owners on La Posta to advance annexation of the area into City Limits.

2.1.3Commit resources and seek additional fundings towards infrastructure to advance development in La Posta, Three Springs, Durango Mesa and other areas.

2.2.2 Develop agreements for public/private partnerships utilizing Durango Renewal Partnership initiatives.

4. Address homelessness in the community

4.1 Continue to work with La Plata County to identify and implement strategies to support individuals experiencing homelessness and to mitigate negative impacts of

homelessness on the community.

4.1.1 Continue monthly participation in Coordinating Council on Homelessness.

4.2 Provide funds and resources to support community partners in their efforts to serve individuals and families attempting to transition out of homelessness.

4.2.1 Provide reduced rate Utility Services for lower-income individuals/families that might otherwise do without.

2022 Strategic Results:

  • City Council funded $500,000 in 2022 to implement the Housing Incentive Program (HIP)
  • $250,000 of the funds are committed to the development of Animas City Park Overlook Townhomes in exchange for the community benefit of 10 deed restricted workforce housing units
  • $75,000 of those funds were contributed towards reevaluating the Three Springs Development Agreement to remove barriers to continuing development
  • $80,000 of those funds were contributed towards pilot program created for newly constructed ADUs “ADU for Locals Rebate Program”
  • Committed resources towards implementing a long-term opportunities for mixed-income demographics with an emphasis on workforce
  • Facilitated the Gauge Apartments Development to create 89 apartments, of which 14 units will be restricted to the local workforce targeting 80%-120% AMI
  • $3 million congressional appropriation funding approved for the Best Western Motel Conversion project to support the creation of 120 affordable housing units (4% LITHC project targeting 60% AMI or less)
  • Initiated creative application of the Fair Share Program and fee-in-lieu funds to incentivize development of new workforce housing units
  • Reviewed Fair Share Program and created a two-step plan for updating and implementing updates
  • Partnered with HomesFund and Housing Solutions for the Southwest to assist with administration of HomeGrown Durango deed qualification program
  • Evaluated ballot initiatives that could include new revenue for affordable and attainable housing in future ballot measures
  • Helped shape the La Plata County 3-year Workforce Housing Investment Strategy.
  • Updated housing webpage for a one-stop shop for resourceful, current and accurate housing information tracking Current Affordable Units and Current Residential Projects

2023 Strategic Deliverables:

FY23 Strategic Initiatives

  • Advanced housing-related code amendments related to affordable workforce housing
  • Reviewed funding options for additional revenue streams for the housing division and housing programs.
  • Continued to expand and create new and innovative housing programs unique to Durango.
  • Created housing opportunities to support multigenerational & mixed income community workforce and increase affordability to bridge the disparity between income and home/rental prices.
  • Worked with key stakeholders such as the RHA, Econ. Dev. Alliance, and other jurisdictions to ensure the La Plata County 3-year Workforce Housing Investment Strategy is implemented and coordinated with City efforts, when possible.
  • Worked with regional stakeholders to encourage innovative opportunities for growth and strategic expansion: La Posta, Three Springs Village 2, and other areas.
  • Established guidance for allow use of Housing Incentive Funds, facilitating affordable housing preservation and construction
  • Engaged with an economist and legal counsel to assist with nexus study for percentage and methodology review of Fair Share Program.
  • Adopted Fair Share Program Updates.
  • Completed negotiations and finalize a Twin Buttes Housing Compliance Agreement.
  • Continued participation in Regional Housing Alliance (RHA) efforts.
  • Continued support of the URA’s efforts to incentivize workforce housing.
  • Worked with the URA, County, State, and others to evaluate publicly-owned property or land for housing development or rehabilitation.
  • Tracked state and federal funding opportunities related to housing and ensure the City is well positioned to compete for those funds.
  • Support efforts to address homelessness in the community

Service Enhancements:

Added a new Housing Coordinator position to assist the Housing Innovation Manager in efforts administered by the Housing Division.

Service Reductions:

Maintaining current service levels


2023 Positions