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Table of Contents

1. Home

Landing Page Adopted Budget 2024

2. Overview

A) Introduction to Durango
Budget Message and City Council
1. City Managers Budget Message 2. City Council Leadership
City Council Strategic Plan
3. City Council Strategic Plan Affordability & Economic Opportunity Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Effective Infrastructure Network Engaged & Collaborative Governance Enhanced Livability & Sense of Place Environmental Sustainability & Resilience Financial Excellence & High Performing Government
Organizational Documents
4. City of Durango Profile 5. Budget Guide & Background/Overview 6. Citywide Organizational Chart 7. Summary of Staffing Levels
B) Major Revenue Tables
1. Major Revenue Tables 2. General Fund Major Revenues 3. Property Tax 4. Sales Tax 5. Use Tax Administration Fee Electric Franchise Fee Enterprise Funds Highway User Tax Fee Interfund Transfers Internal Service Funds La Plata County Sales Tax/Joint Sales Tax Recreation Center and Programs
C) Fund Projection Summaries
1. Fund Structure and Summary 2. Fund Balance Changes 3. General Fund Summary Financial Summaries
Enterprise and Capital Funds
2005 Debt Capital Projects Fund 2005 Sales Tax: Open Space, Parks & Trails Fund Airport Fund General Fund Capital Projects Fund Sewer Fund Transportation Fund Trash & Recycle Fund Water Fund
Internal Services Funds
Building Maintenance Fund General Services Fund Risk Fund Self Insurance Fund Technology Replacement Fund VES Fund
Special Revenue Funds
2015 Sales Tax: Parks and Multimodal 2019 Sales Tax Streets 911 Communications Fund Conservation Trust Fund Durango Renewal Partnership Fund Grant Fund Housing Innovation Fund Lodgers' Tax Fund (Durango Tourism) Parks Development Fund Road Impact Fee Fund Sales Tax Bond Debt 2007 Fund Storm Drainage Fund

3. Operating

City Council
Affordability & Economic Opportunity
A) Affordability & Economic Opportunity Development Services Durango Renewal Partnership Economic Opportunity Housing