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January 2022

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, and are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2022! In this edition of Backyard Brief, you'll find information about participating in a new City of Dublin Housing Element survey; an upcoming meeting to discuss the SCS Property; an updated mask mandate for COVID-19 prevention; a new composting and recycling law; storm preparedness tips; Volunteer Recognition nominations; and more.

City of Dublin Housing Element Update Survey Now Available

The City of Dublin is currently in the process of updating its General Plan Housing Element for the 2023-2031 planning period, per State law. Housing Element law mandates local governments update their Housing Element every eight years to demonstrate how the jurisdiction has adequately planned to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community, which is determined through the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process. The City is seeking feedback from residents on the Housing Element Update through an online survey.

The feedback provided in the survey will help to create policies and programs that appropriately address the housing needs of current and future Dublin residents. This is a key step in the ongoing public outreach process associated with updating Dublin's Housing Element. The Housing Element Survey will be open through February 28, 2022. Take the survey.

The City of Dublin will hold a Housing Element Update Workshop on Wednesday, January 19, at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom. A Zoom link will be included in future noticing and provided on the Housing Element webpage.

For more information on the City's Housing Element Update, please visit the City of Dublin website.

Virtual meeting to be held for the SCS Property on Wednesday, January 12, at 6:00 PM

Join the City of Dublin at a Community Meeting to Discuss the SCS Property

Please join the City of Dublin at a meeting to discuss potential uses for the 77-acre SCS Property on Wednesday, January 12, at 6:00 p.m. Due to a rise in COVID cases, the meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.

This will be the third and final community meeting to discuss this property, which is bordered by Tassajara Road to the west, Brannigan Street to the east, I-580 to the south, and Gleason Drive to the north. In this meeting, a presentation will feature the progress made on the development of the preferred plan, including 3D character sketches of the key public spaces.

A second Community Meeting for the SCS Property was held virtually in October. That meeting included a presentation of three land use concepts that have been developed based on background information collected, feedback received, and community input. The concepts demonstrate possible configurations of the public framework of streets, plazas, parks, and land uses. The presentation was followed by breakout rooms where the concepts were discussed. Approximately 14 Dublin residents and interested members of the public attended the meeting, as well as City staff and the consultant team. The meeting and the breakout rooms were recorded and have been posted on the project’s website.

Coronavirus Updates

Alameda County Health Officer Rescinds Previous Order: Everyone Must Wear Masks Indoors

The Alameda County Health Officer, Dr. Nicholas Moss, recently rescinded a previous health order allowing fully vaccinated people to go unmasked in certain settings. The new order, which took effect on December 30, requires everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks in all indoor public settings. This change will not affect face masking requirements for youth and school settings.

The local daily case rate in Alameda County is 18.7 per 100,000 residents and rising, and community transmission is now categorized as “high” on the CDC’s COVID-19 data tracker. The Omicron variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 is highly transmissible. Wearing masks in all indoor public settings will help limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable residents this winter.

With the Omicron variant able to spread among fully vaccinated people and those who have already had the coronavirus, Dr. Moss says that masks are "a critical layer of safety for everyone this winter." Vaccination and booster doses, together with masking, will protect residents and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed with people who are severely ill due to COVID.

Alameda County Public Health Department recommends:

* Getting vaccinated, and if already vaccinated, getting the vaccine booster shot;

* Staying home if COVID-positive, symptomatic, or unvaccinated, not boosted, and exposed;

* Wearing a mask in all indoor public settings;

* Getting tested if exposed, symptomatic, or before and after gathering and traveling;

* Avoiding large or crowded and poorly ventilated settings.

COVID-19 Testing Continues Weekly at the Dublin Senior Center

Each Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Curative, Inc., operates a COVID-19 testing site in the parking lot of the Dublin Senior Center (7600 Amador Valley Blvd.). Appointments are not necessary, and the service is open to all ages. Identification is required for adults; however, children may get tested without ID as long as they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. Proof of insurance is not required.

The COVID-19 test is a shallow nasal swab test. Results of tests are available within 48 hours. This free, weekly testing operation will continue until the service is determined to no longer be needed.

To learn more, visit

Amador Valley Industry recyling and green composting bins.

New Compost and Recycling Law Now in Effect

On January 1, 2022, a new California State law (SB 1383) that requires compostable materials to be kept out of landfills —including food scraps; food-soiled paper and cardboard; and plant trimmings — went into effect. The purpose is to prevent the production of methane, a potent greenhouse gas and contributor to climate change.

In Dublin, the law is implemented under the Organics Reduction and Recycling Ordinance through a partnership between Amador Valley Industries (AVI), StopWaste, the City of Dublin, and the Alameda County Environmental Health Department. It replaces and expands on the Mandatory Composting and Recycling Ordinance that has been in place in Dublin since 2020. Per this Ordinance, residents must have compost and recycling collection services, and sort materials into the correct bins. Curbside compost and recycling containers are available and can be requested by residents of single-family homes at no additional cost from AVI.

Residents of multifamily properties should expect information on recycling and compost services from their property managers. Businesses, institutions, non-profits, and owners/managers of multifamily properties with five or more units must subscribe to compost and recycling collection service; set up color-coded and labeled indoor bins (for multifamily properties in common areas only); ensure proper sorting; and educate employees, contractors, and/or tenants about the law at least once a year and during tenant move-in and move-out.

AVI provides compost service and recycling service at reduced rates from the landfill (garbage) service. Certain food generating businesses must also donate surplus edible food to food recovery (rescue) organizations or services instead of composting it. To order compost and recycling collection service, contact AVI at 925-479-9545. To learn what goes where, visit For more information about the Ordinance, including free support services and outreach materials, visit (English) or (Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese).

Storm Preparedness Tips

During the past month, we've seen better than average rainfall in the Bay Area, and we are expecting additional storms to pass through during the next few weeks. The City of Dublin urges residents to be prepared by following some safety tips:

* Keep your car fueled. If electric power is cut off, gas stations may not be operable.

* Keep your cell phone charged. Always have a car charger on hand.

* Check your emergency supplies (first aid kit, essential medicines, cash, food, water, non-electric can opener, portable radio, flashlights, and spare batteries) and ensure they are in air-tight bags and in handy locations.

* Keep a rake on hand to clear debris that may clog storm drains during heavy rains.

* Secure or remove items that can blow around.

* Keep garbage cans and cars at least one foot from the curb to avoid blocking storm water flows.

During heavy rains, the maintenance staff at the Department of Public Works is on full alert, circulating throughout the city to remove downed trees and limbs, clear storm drains, and remove leaves and debris, which can lead to flooding.

A car driving through the rain with

The City of Dublin also offers free sandbags to Dublin businesses and residents who may feel that their property is being threatened by flooding. Sandbags can be picked up from the City of Dublin Corporation Yard, located at 5709 Scarlett Court. A sandbag-filling station will also be present in the event that the pallets of sandbags are empty. Public Works will provide a mound of sand, shovels, and bags, so that residents can fill up to 10 bags, if necessary. Alameda County Public Works Agency also makes sandbags available at their Maintenance and Operations Corporation Yard at 4825 Gleason Drive.

Power Outages

During times of heavy winds, rain, or possible flooding, there is a potential for power outages in the area. To report a power outage, please call PG&E at 800-743-5002. If you see damaged power lines or electrical equipment, call 911 immediately. PG&E urges customers to stay safe during storms by remembering the following safety tips:

* Always treat low-hanging and downed power lines as if they are energized and extremely dangerous. Keep yourself and others away from them. Be aware that trees, pools of water, and other objects that may be in contact with power lines.

* During a power outage, use battery-operated flashlights, and not candles, due to the risk of fire. If you must use candles, please keep them away from drapes, lampshades, holiday trees, and small children. Do not leave candles unattended.

* Customers with generators should make sure they are properly installed by a licensed electrician in a well-ventilated area. Improperly installed generators pose a significant danger to crews working on power lines.

* If you experience an outage, unplug or turn off all electrical appliances to avoid overloading circuits and to prevent fire hazards when power is restored. Simply leave a single lamp on to alert you when power returns. Turn your appliances back on one at a time when conditions return to normal.

Join the City of Dublin in Celebrating the Lunar New Year

The City of Dublin and the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) invite you to enjoy a Lunar New Year Celebration on Saturday, February 5, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., at the Dublin High School Center for Performing Arts and Education (8151 Village Parkway). Tickets are $10.00 per person and can be purchased at using activity code 42077. All proceeds benefit the City of Dublin's Heritage and Cultural Arts program.

Photographs from the Chinese New Year event - violinists, fan dancers, pianists, and artists.
Volunteer Recognition Event written over a green shimmering backdrop.

Deadline Approaching for Volunteer Recognition Awards Nominations

The City of Dublin will accept nominations for the 2021 Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, and Organization of the Year through Friday, January 21, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding individuals and groups who have contributed to the quality of life in Dublin in 2021. The Young Citizen of the Year recognizes the volunteer service of a Dublin youth currently in the 1st – 12th grade.

Nomination criteria for the awards are based on five established criteria: the Dublin Integrity In Action’s 10 Characteristics (i.e., Responsibility, Respectfulness, Caring, Giving, Positive Attitude, Trustworthiness, Cooperation, Doing One’s Best, Honesty, and Self-Discipline); originality and uniqueness of the activity/project; overall relevance and importance to the community; time and effort spent; and challenge(s) in accomplishing the activity/project.

The Organization of the Year receives a $500 cash prize, and a $300 donation is given to each of the Citizen and Youth Citizen of the Year’s favorite non-profit organization. The Mayor also selects a "Mayor's Award" winner for outstanding work done in the previous year; and the "Mayor's Legacy Award," for outstanding work done over a long period of time.

The winners will be announced at an event to be held at the Shannon Community Center on Thursday, March 3. To nominate an individual or an organization, visit

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