Welcome to the Dublin Police Services Open Data Portal


Welcome to the Dublin Police Services (DPS) Data Transparency Portal. This website is a direct result of the work of the 2021 Community Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, which recommended that DPS take steps to increase transparency around their work, ensuring the safety of Dublin residents. DPS believes that reliable and comprehensive data is critical to developing solutions to reduce biases, improve policies, and enhance community-police relations. With this in mind, DPS is pleased to present this community resource. Further discussion on Dublin Police Services can be found in the DPS Annual Report.

DPS will update all data on an annual basis.

DPS encourages you to explore this data. If you have any questions regarding this data, please contact us at police.chief@dublin.ca.gov

Dublin Police Staff in front of the Public Safety Complex

Use of Force Data

Use of Force Data includes incidents ranging from a firm grip while placing someone in handcuffs, to take-downs and strikes.

Alameda County Sheriff's Office policy requires officers to use only that amount of force that is reasonably necessary given the facts and totality of the circumstances.

Furthermore, all law enforcement incidents are documented and recorded on body-worn cameras. DPS provides data regarding all officer-involved shootings and incidents involving use of force resulting in serious bodily injury to the California Department of Justice. Senate Bill (SB) 1421 requires law enforcement agenices to disclose serious misconduct complaints, officer involved shootings, and use of force where serious bodily injury occurs.

Dublin Police Services does not have any reportable incidents required under SB 1421.

Racial and Identify Profiling Act of 2015 (RIPA) Stop Data

Assembly Bill 953 (AB 953) requires each state and local agency in California that employs peace officers to annually report to the Attorney General data on all stops conducted by the agency's peace officers. This includes the California Highway Patrol, a city or county law enforcement agency, and California state or university educational institutions, but does not include probation officers and officers in a custodial setting.

A “stop” is defined in Government Code section 12525.5(g)(2), with further information and scenarios detailed in the implementing regulations. The bill requires officers to collect specific information on each stop, including elements of the stop circumstances and the perceived identity characteristics of the individual(s) stopped.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: The RIPA Data presented below was obtained from California Department of Justice’s Open Justice Data Transparency Initiative. Staff queried data for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office within the City of Dublin as DPS specific data is unavailable. For this reason, there may be discrepancies between what is reported on this Portal by DPS verses the California Department of Justice.

RIPA Data is only available from the calendar year 2021 and beyond. Staff will continue to add future data as it becomes available.

You can access the original data set here: https://openjustice.doj.ca.gov/data.