City of Diamond Bar Budget

Fiscal Year 22/23



This fund was established to account for governmental debt incurred by the City. The Debt Service fund will account for the payment of principal, interest and related administrative costs incurred (e.g. bank fees). The General Fund makes a transfer-in to the Debt Service Fund to provide the resources needed to meet the City’s debt obligations.

The City’s only outstanding debt relates to the 2002 financing needed for the acquisition and construction of the Diamond Bar Center. In May 2021, the City refunded $7.83 million of the outstanding Lease Revenue Bonds associated with the original 2002 acquisition and construction of the Diamond Bar Center. This achieved a gross savings of $1.736 million and present value savings of $1.633 million (or 20.85%) which translates to approximately $144,700 in average annual debt service savings to the General Fund for the remainder of the term (June 2033), and an effective interest rate of 1.15%. The 2021 Bonds were rated by S&P as AA+ (top rating for this type of bond) which is a testament to the City Council's prudent fiscal policies. The total debt service (principal and interest) will be $716,200 for FY 2022-23. The current bonds mature June 1, 2033 and the outstanding amount is approximately $6.7 million. The City’s legal debt limit as of June 30, 2021 is $413,228,618.