City of Diamond Bar Budget

Fiscal Year 22/23



The Planning Division is responsible for the functions related to current and long-term (“advance”) planning, and economic development.

The Planning Division prepares and updates the City’s General Plan to guide Diamond Bar’s long-term growth and preservation of the community’s quality of life. The Division administers and updates the zoning and subdivision ordinances, which are the primary tools used to implement the General Plans land use and development goals, objectives and policies. The planners provide information and assistance to the public by explaining the City’s zoning regulations, and reviewing all land use, development and business license applications, and performing inspections to ensure compliance with regulations and conditions of approval. For projects requiring Planning Commission and City Council review, the Planning Division serves as those bodies’ technical staff, and provides recommendations based on analysis of environmental, land use compatibility and design factors.

The Planning Division is also responsible for the development and administration of economic development. It updates and maintains records for the general public and coordinates projects and programs with other governmental agencies.