Strategic Overview


March 14, 2023

To the Honorable Members of the School Committee:

This school year has been one of resetting and renewal as we started focusing on our collaborative work of educating our students, supporting our educators, and thoughtfully engaging families. We are proud of our accomplishments thus far and look forward to more milestones and achievements as the school year progresses.

Our work, focus, and perspective are grounded in our three-year District Plan, with the vision, mission, and core values serving as our foundation. Our strategic objectives and focused initiatives drive our strategy for improving outcomes, including the design and planning for the FY24 budget.

While we have much to celebrate, there is still much work to be done to ensure that all of our students gain the knowledge and skills needed to leave the Cambridge Public Schools prepared for college and career and to live out the district’s vision that “Our students are critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and builders of a more equitable society who graduate prepared to make informed choices about their future.”


Superintendent Greer

Budget Guidelines & Priorities

The FY 2024 budget process was centered on equity in stakeholder engagement and voice; specifically those who have not previously been involved in the community conversations. We intentionally aligned planning for the FY 2024 general fund budget and the federal COVID-19 relief grant from the Emergency Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Fund (ESSER) to our District Plan. Guiding principles and questions guided the decision-making process related to budget investments. This budget proposal, which includes both general fund and ESSER funds, focuses on the four strategic objectives:

  1. Deliver Ambitious Instruction and Effective Supports
  2. Provide Accessible College and Career Pathways
  3. Effective Staff Learning Support
  4. Building Welcoming and Supportive Schools and District

Executive Leadership Team

Org Chart

Budget Process & Timeline

The superintendent is responsible for developing the School Department’s annual operating budget, which is submitted to the School Committee in March of each year for their review and vote of adoption. The annual budget process is continuous, with one cycle overlapping the next cycle each year. The graphic below shows the typical annual cycle of budget development.

Budget Process

City of Cambridge Budget

Cambridge Public Schools continues to benefit from the strong financial position of the City of Cambridge. The City’s commitment to investing in our schools is evident – 29% of the City’s FY 2023 Operating Budget, which totals $801.5 million, is allocated to the school district.