Strategic Overview


March 17, 2022

To the Honorable Members of the School Committee:

At the beginning of this school year, we were all very hopeful that we might return to some semblance of pre-pandemic normalcy. We quickly realized that COVID-19 would yet again be a substantial part of our work this school year. We are very proud that we have been able to keep schools open full-time for all students and afford them an opportunity to engage personally with their teachers and peers. Our deeply committed educators and staff have done an exceptional job providing in-person learning for all, adjusting quickly to changes.

Understanding the challenges that our students, educators and staff have faced over the past few years and the need that we have to strategically and systematically address the equity gaps in our district has led us to anchor all of our decisions in the findings, data and feedback of my comprehensive entry process.


Superintendent Greer

Budget Guidelines & Priorities

As part of the budget development process, the School Committee adopted Budget Guidelines in January 2022, which served as a framework for establishing budget priorities for FY 2023.

In December 2021, Superintendent Greer released Charting the Path Forward, a brief report describing the key findings from her Entry Plan process. These findings served as the foundation for the FY 2023 Budget Guidelines.

  • Student Success: Focus organizational efforts and align resources to ensure that all students are academically, socially and emotionally successful and are ready for college and/or a career.
  • Culture & Climate: Promote and ensure a positive, collaborative, and constructive climate focused on a student-centered culture of positive outcomes and achievement.
  • Engagement & Communication: Build public trust capital and confidence through open, honest communication, and positive relationships.
  • Organizational Capacity & Alignment: Increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency and ensure high performance and support to schools

Executive Leadership Team

Student Enrollment & Demographics

Student Demograhics

The Cambridge Public Schools supports the needs of a diverse student population. The percent of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch in FY 2022 is 41%. Students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) make up 22.6% of the student population and 6.4% of students are identified as English Language Learners (ELLs). In the current year, 38.3% are classified as low income. High needs students are those qualifying for at least one of the following categories: English Language Learner, Low Income, and Students with Disabilities – these students are 52.3% for FY 2022.

Student Enrollment

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Student Enrollment by Grade