department description

The mission of the Athletics department is to offer a comprehensive and culturally inclusive interscholastic sports program as an integral component of students’ educational experience. The Athletics department oversees the high school athletics program and upper school intramural athletics programs. CRLS is proud to have one of the state’s largest high school athletic departments, offering 40 varsity team opportunities and approximately additional 42 sub varsity teams that compete at the interscholastic level. Participation in athletics has exceeded pre-pandemic levels, offering students the opportunity to experience the positive impact of being a part of a team, healthy competition, and the social and emotional effects of physical fitness. The department supervises coaches, determines athlete eligibility, monitors compliance with athletic rules and regulations, ensures that students compete in a safe and enjoyable environment, and organizes daily game schedules. Athletics Trainers attend both home and away sporting events and support the immediate needs and rehabilitation of injured players.

Strategic Goals

  • Support academic recovery & positive mindset growth for scholar athletes.
  • Develop interscholastic athletic program at the Upper Schools.
  • Increase recognition of Cambridge Public Schools’ scholar athletes.


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