world language

World Language

department description

The mission of the World Language (WL) Department is to support all students to achieve a high level of communicative proficiency in world languages enabling them to be competitive in the global workforce. The WL department supports professional development and benchmark assessments using ACTFL World Readiness Standards and nationally recognized World Language assessment tools. The department supports instruction and courses in the following world languages:

  • Elementary (grades JK-5): Spanish (Fletcher Maynard Academy, Morse, Peabody) and Ni Hao Chinese program (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School)
  • Upper level (grades 6 - 8): Chinese, French, and Spanish
  • High school (grades 9 - 12): French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Latin, American Sign Language

About 10% of our high school population achieves the Seal of Biliteracy each year.

Strategic Goals

  • Expand percent of CRLS seniors achieving the Seal of Biliteracy.
  • Implement Language Benchmark testing at the end of grades 5, 8, and 11/12.
  • Implement a social emotional learning curriculum with a focus on restorative practices.
  • Improve culturally responsive teaching in the World Language department through race and equity training informed by student and family feedback.


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