FY 2024 Budget InformatioN

Budget Planning Process and Guidelines

The FY 2024 budget process was centered on equity in stakeholder engagement and voice; specifically those who have not previously been involved in the community conversations. We intentionally aligned planning for the FY 2024 general fund budget and the federal COVID-19 relief grant from the Emergency Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Fund (ESSER) to our District Plan. Guiding principles and questions guided the decision-making process related to budget investments. This budget proposal, which includes both general fund and ESSER funds, focuses on the four strategic objectives:

  1. Deliver Ambitious Instruction and Effective Supports
  2. Provide Accessible College and Career Pathways
  3. Effective Staff Learning Support
  4. Building Welcoming and Supportive Schools and District

More Information:

Budget Cover

FY 2024 General Fund Budget $245,000,000

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