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department description

K-12 ELA/Literacy instruction throughout Cambridge Public Schools is grounded in empowering every student to use literacy as a tool for communication, self-expression, access and advocacy. As a result of research-based, culturally responsive practices, CPS students of all abilities, genders, home languages, neighborhoods, races, sexual orientations and socio-economic statuses are empowered to live choice-filled lives that positively impact their communities and the world around them.

The K-12 ELA/Literacy department develops, communicates and engages stakeholders in key literacy priorities and initiatives. The department builds educators' knowledge of standards, curriculum and evidence-based practices through the planning and facilitation of professional learning and leadership team meetings. The department also facilitates ongoing research and evidence-based reflection and decision-making; provides high-quality curricular materials and resources to increase alignment and consistency across schools; provides guidance, support and evaluation to school-based literacy coaches.

The department oversees the Literacy Leadership Team (LLT), established in School Year 2021-22, which includes representatives from each K-8 school, core-content and Title 1 coordinators. The department also facilitates the Literacy Curriculum Working Group, established SY22, representatives from K-8 schools, core-content coordinators, and district coaches to lead curriculum review processes and implementation and support plans.

Strategic Goals

  • Align professional learning, and progress monitoring using the literacy leadership team’s framework of research-based literacy practice.
  • Develop and launch plan for Fall 2023 curriculum implementation and support.
  • Provide research, coaching and professional learning to support high quality, research-based interdisciplinary literacy practices.


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