english language ARTS

department description

The English Language Arts Department develops, communicates and engages stakeholders in key literacy priorities and initiatives. The department builds educators' knowledge of standards, curriculum and evidence-based practices through the planning and facilitation of professional learning and leadership team meetings. The department also facilitates ongoing research and evidence-based reflection and decision-making; provides high-quality curricular materials and resources to increase alignment and consistency across schools; and provides guidance, support and evaluation to school-based literacy coaches.

Strategic Goals

  • Implement a common grades 6-8 curriculum with ongoing professional learning; implement a common grades 3-8 interim writing assessments’ and launch a literacy curriculum review process for grades 3-5.
  • Launch and provide professional learning to support effective (K-2) administration of new mCLASS screener.
  • Increase the alignment and partnership between literacy coaches and interventionists through regularly scheduled meetings and professional learning opportunities.
  • Ensure completion of LETRS (module 1) by all JK-5 special-ed, SEI and interventionist teachers, and all JK-2 classroom teachers; and ensure that all elementary coaches complete LETRS facilitator training.
  • Ensure robust systems of accountability and support within the ELA Department.
  • Provide family/caregiver and educator resources related to the use of i-Ready personalized instruction to increase usage among target populations (students performing 2+ grades below benchmark based on the BOY diagnostic assessment).


staffing summary