information, Communication, and technology Services

department description

The Information, Communication, and Technology Services (ICTS) Department is a collaboration among Library Media, Educational Technology, Media Arts, Digital & Creative Services, and Technical Services divisions. The department strives to support administration, teachers, and parents and to prepare students for lifelong learning, informed decision-making, and the use of information and communication technologies.

ICTS provides the technical infrastructure and services necessary to support CPS teaching, learning, and administration. Department staff members oversee, maintain, and support network and wireless connectivity, internet access, servers, district applications, data collection, and reporting, desktops, hand-held devices, websites, email, the student information system, all educational technologies, library media software, and the video on demand system. In addition, the department is responsible for all CPS online portals and all data integration and ensuring data privacy.

Strategic Goals

  • Reduce the district’s overall risk of a cybersecurity incident and or systems failure impacting all stakeholders.
  • Increase capacity to provide data analysis reports to measure the district’s overall impact of all departments’ priorities and effectiveness towards meeting the district’s objectives.
  • Improve capacity to provide end user support to all stakeholders.


staffing summary