department description

The Mathematics Department’s mission is to provide aligned, coherent, cognitively demanding and accessible mathematics learning experiences taught by skilled and effective educators that create lifelong problem solvers who can collaborate, adapt, and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society, and to create equitable mathematics communities that engage all students in making sense of challenging mathematics. The department facilitates targeted professional development and provides tools and strategies to support improvement and alignment of curriculum and assessment in mathematics.

Strategic Goals

  • Support and expect district-wide horizontal and vertical alignment in math focusing on areas such as content, instructional routines, assessments, scheduling, and adherence to district initiatives.
  • Facilitate a successful K-5 rollout of a new math curriculum to support the math department’s goal of an equitable and common K-5 experience across the district.
  • Create and implement an intensive intervention plan to assist in closing the learning gaps created by the pandemic.
  • Build capacity of teachers and provide continuous support for heterogeneously grouped mathematics instruction across the district in which students engage in reasoning, discourse, and cognitively demanding tasks.


staffing summary