office of student services



The Office of Student Services (OSS) provides comprehensive support and services to each student in Cambridge to ensure they have the optimal conditions to receive high-quality instruction and thrive in learning. Divisions supported by OSS include the Office of Special Education Services, Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports, Advanced Learner Supports, the Office for Social and Emotional Learning, and supports covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Strategic Goals

  • Social Emotional Learning: Develop a comprehensive School Mental Health System aligned with the MTSS framework.
  • Social Emotional Learning: Provide professional development opportunities to educators and clinical staff in order to increase knowledge and skills around evidence based clinical practices and restorative practices.
  • Social Emotional Learning: Build common understanding of restorative justice across all schools in order to increase sense of community among students, staff, and families.
  • Special Education: Evaluate and implement curriculum in appropriate programs to maximize effectiveness and improve students skills in related areas.
  • Special Education: Develop organizational structures that will support the appropriate identification and placement of students with disabilities and improve the continuum of services.


Special Education

Staffing summary