office of student services



The Office of Student Services (OSS) is comprised of four distinct divisions offering a spectrum of social and emotional supports and instructional services. Underneath the OSS umbrella is the Office of Special Education, The Office of Social and Emotional Learning, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Advanced Learner Services, and the Department of Multilingual Learner Education (page 40). Each office supports the whole child through data driven, student centered and family and community oriented direct services.

The FY 2023 district-wide budget for special education totals $74.9M, including the cost of district and school based staff, out of district tuition and transportation, materials, and services. Staff costs for 477.53 FTEs (most of which are school-based) totals $49.6M and comprises 66% of the special education budget.

Strategic Goals

  • Reduce disproportionality in identification of students with disabilities.
  • Improve advanced learner identification, services, and support.
  • Build capacity through leader development and a workload audit and adjustment.


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