elementary & secondary Education

department description

The Elementary & Secondary Education Office seeks to prepare all CPS students to become independent learners with the academic, social, and critical thinking skills to be successful in a diverse, global society. The department oversees CPS’s 18 schools, as well as the Title I office, kindergarten staff developer; Early College Coordinator and the city’s director of early childhood education (jointly with DHSP). The department also oversees the development of targeted programs to meet identified student and school needs.

The Office works to support school leaders as they create learning environments that meet the academic, social, and physical needs of all students. The Office is committed to ensuring equitable access to learning opportunities and academic achievement and success for all students.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop, implement and oversee the CPS preschool program in collaboration with the city-wide universal preschool program.
  • Strengthen college and career pathways through early college partnerships and career connections within the curriculum.
  • Offer high quality academic programs for students working below grade level during school breaks and summer vacation weeks.


Staffing Summary