The Cambridge Public Schools Online Budget provides our community with an easy to use, interactive and engaging version of our annual publication. Use this site to browse budget information for CPS schools and departments.

The Cambridge Public School (CPS) district is a diverse urban district located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The district enrolls approximately 6,750 students in grades Pre-kindergarten through high school. Cambridge is an international city and that is reflected in our student body. More than 80 languages are spoken by our students, and almost 31% of our students speak a home language other than English. The district has twelve elementary schools (11 of which serve students in kindergarten through fifth grade and one of which serves students in kindergarten to eighth grade), four Upper Schools for students in grades six to eight, and one comprehensive high school, which includes a school of technical arts. The elementary schools include one Montessori school, a Spanish-English dual language immersion school, a Mandarin-English dual language program, and a Portuguese-English dual language immersion program.

Budget Process & Timeline

The superintendent is responsible for developing the School Department’s annual operating budget, which is submitted to the School Committee in March of each year for their review and vote of adoption. The annual budget process is continuous, with one cycle overlapping the next cycle each year. The graphic below shows the typical annual cycle of budget development.

Budget Timeline

Who are our students?

The Cambridge Public Schools supports the needs of a diverse student population. Learn more >>

City of Cambridge Budget

Cambridge Public Schools continues to benefit from the strong financial position of the City of Cambridge. The City’s commitment to investing in our schools is evident – 29% of the City’s FY 2023 Operating Budget, which totals $801.5 million, is allocated to the school district.