superintendent of schools

Victoria Greer

department description

The Superintendent provides leadership in achieving the district’s goals of academic excellence and equity for all students. The Superintendent strives to strengthen instruction and student achievement, and ensure a quality, equitable, healthy, and safe learning environment for all CPS students.

The Superintendent is responsible for representing CPS and communicating its policies, priorities, and initiatives to CPS employees, students, families, and the community. The Superintendent oversees all CPS operations and employees and ensures the responsible and efficient use of human and financial resources through effective resource management and planning.

Strategic Goals

  • Focus organizational efforts and align resources to ensure that all students are academically, socially and emotionally successful and are ready for college and/or a career.
  • Build public trust capital and confidence through open, honest communication, and positive relationships.
  • Promote and ensure a positive, collaborative, and constructive climate focused on a student-centered culture of positive outcomes and achievement.
  • Increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency and ensure high performance and support to schools.