Surveyor (Department 701)

Keith Westfall, Surveyor

Description and Mission

The Surveyor Department accounts for all expenses associated with the position of the elected County Surveyor. The only costs in this department are the personnel costs of the surveyor. The salary of the County Surveyor is set by statute. The Surveyor is responsible for representing the county in boundary disputes, notifying the county attorney of any unsettled boundary disputes or boundary discrepancies within the county, examines all survey maps and plats before the county clerk and recorder records them to insure proper content and form, and for filing all surveys, field notes, calculations, maps, and any other records pertaining to work authorized and financed by the board of county commissioners.

Goals and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022

In 2022, the Surveyor examined and approved all plats associated with approved land use matters brought before the Board of Commissioners in noticed public hearings. Additionally, the Surveyor provided expert advice regarding the udpate and streamlining of the County's Land Use regulations.

Goals and Objectives 2023

In 2023, a newly elected County Surveyor will take office. In addition to the onboarding process, this newly elected official will strive to ensure the continued provision of expert support in land use issues and participate in the plat approval and filing process.

Department Budget Summary