Law Enforcement Assistance Fund

(LEAF - Fund 040)

Tim Norton, County Sheriff

Fund Overview

The Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF) is used to account for the collection of revenue from law enforcement citations. Revenues in this fund are used for expenses related to law enforcement activities, and in recent years' have been used for additions to and replacement of Sheriff's Office vehicles. Reference the Debt and Lease section for additional detail on capital lease expenditures within this fund.

Accomplishments, Goals and Objectives

2022 Fund Accomplishments

LEAF supported the acquisition and lease funding of six new Patrol Vehicles and the pay-off of the leases on two additional vehicles in support of the Sheriff's Office Fleet Management Plan. Additionally, four older vehicles were disposed of via online auction and /or sale to other law enforcement agencies the proceeds were returned to the fund.

2022 Fund Objectives

LEAF will support the acquisition and lease of two new patrol vehicles and pay-off of three additional vehicles nearing the life of their lease term. An additional five aging vehicles will be disposed of in accordance with the Fleet Management Plan.

Revenues Table

Expenditures Table

Expenditures by Audit Category