Elected & Appointed Officials

Elbert County 2023 Budget Team

Board of County Commissioners

Chris Richardson - District One - Chairman

Rick Pettitt - District Two - Budget Officer

Grant Thayer - District Three - Vice Chairman

Elected Officials

Susan Murphy - Assessor

Dallas Schroeder - Clerk & Recorder

Sandy Graeff - Coroner

Sherry Hewlett - Trustee/Treasurer

Tim Norton - Sheriff

Keith Westfall - Surveyor

Department Directors

Greg Thompson - Community and Development Services

Kali Benson - CSU Extension

Darcy Bolding - Department of Human Services

Shane Pynes - Office of Emergency Management

Dwayne Smith - Public Health

Rory Hale - Public Works

Budget Steering Committee

Commissioner Rick Pettitt - Budget Officer

Clerk & Recorder Dallas Schroeder

Sheriff Tim Norton

Public Works Director Rory Hale

Facilities Manager Bobby Chevarria

Finance/Budget Office Tiffany Hermes