Board of County Commissioners (Department 011)

District 1 - Chris Richardson (Chairman)

District 2 - Rick Pettitt (Budget Officer)

District 3 - Grant Thayer (Vice Chair)

Description and Mission

The Board of the County Commissioners serves as the administrative, legislative and policy-setting body for the county government, enacts countywide regulations, considers land-use applications in a quasi-judicial role, and authorizes programs and expenditures of county funds. The Board also acts as the Board of Health, Board of Equalization, and Board of Directors for several Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) within the county. The Board advocates for the county with the State Legislature and represents the interests of the county in multiple state-wide and regional coordination and planning organizations.

Goals and Objectives

During 2022, the Commissioners oversaw many long-term efforts, including implementation of sustainable employee compensation improvements and production of a formal Employee Compensation Plan, maintaining the improved financial condition of the county, continuing improvements in internal and external communication, building public health capacity, furthering planning and activities that ensure long-term facilities needs are met, and supporting economic/business recovery. As signs of economic downturn became more evident, effort began to develop a Economic Development Strategic Plan with goal toward ensuring our county's economic stability.

In 2023, the Board of County Commissioners will welcome a new member elected in November and assist in the integration of other newly elected officials in the Surveyor's Office and the Office of the Clerk & Recorder. Online budget reporting will be added to the suite of efforts we have made over the past several year to increase the transparency of county operations. Planning will begin to update the Elbert County Rural Water Supply Study first published in 2018 and updates to plans and regulations regarding growth and development are anticipated.

Department Budget Summary