Treasurer (Department 030)

Sherry Hewlett, County Treasurer

Description and Mission

The Tresurer recieves, maintains custody, and disburses county funds, and also serves as the Public Trustee. The Treasurer mails property tax notices and collects property taxes, including those of other local government bodies within the County, such as school districts, park and recreation districts, fire districts and library districts, and collects a statutory fee for disbursing tases to the appropriate entity. The Treasurer also conducts a Tax Lien Sale each year for unpaid property taxes and receives money due from other county departments, which includes keeping accurate and detailed records of funds received, disbursed and invested.

Goals and Objectives

Accomplishments 2022

The Elbert County Treasurer’s three-person office continues to streamline citizen interaction electronically and strive to eliminate as much paper as possible. We began to scan old treasurer’s deed files for electronic retrieval.

Goals and Objectives 2023

We are implementing an Investor Portal this year for our tax lien sale investors. The portal will allow investors to monitor their tax lien sale certificates and redemption certificates online. We complete the scanning old treasurer’s deed files for electronic retrieval.

It is a great pleasure and an extreme honor to serve as Treasurer for the Citizens of Elbert County, CO. Our mission is to serve our citizens to the best of our abilities in a timely and respectful manner! This statement has been and will continue to be our goal in the Treasurer's office.

Department Budget Summary