Growth and Development Fund

(Fund 085)

Board of County Commissioners

Fund Overview

The Growth and Development Fund is used to account for the collection of impact fees and other charges associated with development in the County. Expenditures in the fund are limited by County resolutions. Eligible projects are planned each year to take full advantage of the balances in the designated areas.

Accomplishments, Goals, and Objectives

2022 Accomplishments:

In 2022, a variety of differing projects were completed using funds from various accounts within this fund. Public Works replaced the fuel tanks at the maintenance and operations shop in Simla from Transportation Impact. The Facilities Department used funds from Recreation and Open Space Impacts to replace the play ground equipment in Matheson Park and to partially fund the replacement and expansion of the camp ground at the fairgrounds. The projected 2022 end balance of the the Development Impact Fund is approximately $3.1 million.

2023 Goals and Objectives:

in 2023, the fund will be used to support operations of the Economic Development Department (SVR Economic Development Impact), General Fund Facilities Impact will support construction of a facilities maintenance and operations building at the north end of the fairgrounds, and Transportation Impact dollars are identified to cover any overages experienced in the construction of the new Public Works facility due to inflation. The projected 2023 end balance of the the Development Impact Fund is approximately $3.6 million.

Revenues Table

Expenditures Table